Mixing, Mastering, ReMastering, Audio restoration, Dubbing, music Production and more . . .


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Professional dubbing with new and versatile voices with true neutral accent.


Professional multitrack mix in standard or stem format. Our mixes are free of plugins, we have quality hardware equipment for all the necessary effects.


Professional Mastering in standard or stem format, free of plugins, we have quality hardware equipment for all necessary effects. 192,000Hz & 32 bits (float) in all jobs.

Mixing & Mastering

Professional mix and mastering free of plugins made with analog and digital external equipment made by experienced professionals in the area..

Remastering / Audio restoration

Updates and improves the sound of those defective audios but that deserve to be heard.

Podscat / Edition / Noise reduction . . .

Fast solutions for: Edition, noise reduction, de-easer, de-clicker, . . . .


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    Recording booth

    Recording booth with acoustic isolation and RT60 ideal for recording.

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    Main control room

    Equipped with digital audio interface operated under Pro Tools 12HD and mixing consoles of 16 channels, including Midas microphone preamps and multiple Lexicon effects. Additionally, we added an effects rack containing: dbx compressors, Tc Electronics effects and 31 bands equalizer ART..

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    Mastering control room

    Acoustically treated room equipped with Pro Tools HD and Adobe Audition with multiple measurement and analysis plugins to achieve a balanced and high quality Mastering. Two monitoring systems (near and far fields) guarantee a detailed and complete listening..

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    Quality control

    All the works are analyzed with both technical and auditory tools.

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    Specilalized microphone

    A suitable microphone for each application, frequency response and polar pattern are selected according to the voices, instruments and their intentions.

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    Correctly calibrated Monitors System

    All our equipment has been calibrated and the calibration is checked periodically.

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    Process rack for Mastering

    Specialized effects rack is added to the digital processes to achieve the dimension and spatiality desired in the Masterin process, achieving a sound that often can not be achieved without leaving the world of digital audio.

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    Musical Production

    From your idea up to the final worldclass CD, ours musicians and ours audio engineers turn easy the work.