Mixing & Mastering Service

Mixing and Mastering are carried out in a hybrid form, combining elements of software and hardware, which is known as ITB and OTB techniques.

ITB (In The Box)

Processes of reduction and / or elimination of noise, processes de-esser, de-cliper, de-clicker, parametric equalization, general edition, automations, spectral analysis, statistical analysis, tonal analysis and readings of measurement tools that allow us to take correct decisions with greater agility.

OTB (Out The Box)

Dynamic processing: expanders, uniband compressors, multiband compressors, graphic equalization, modulation effects: chorus, phaser, flanger; reverb, delay and special effects in general, subharmonic synthesizer and harmonic exciters. We do not use Plug-Ins.


We do not use plugins

We have hardware equipment: Midas, DBX, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Chandler, Fractal Audio Systems, ART, and others.

We have high-end equipment for the processing of electric guitars and electric basses with ReAmp techniques (Guitar amplifiers, Hardware amplifier simulators, Tc Electronic multi-effects, Behringer, Chandler, Lexicon, Alesis, ART, FAS Ax-Fx Ultra, pedals, valve overdrive, etc.).

Other features

The digital processes are carried out in a completely professional interface with quality of 192,000 HZ and 32 bits and AD / DA converter of high quality.

Our study has a system of high quality monitors and calibrated to the room, such calibration is checked periodically.


Standard & Stems

Both services (mixing & mastering) can be carried out in standard or in stem form.

List of Costs


# tracks
Up to 25
50 US$
65 US$
between 26 and 40
70 US$
90 US$



30 US$
45 US$


Mixing & Mastering

70 US$
85 US$

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